2 Common Myths About Roadside Assistance Plans Dispelled

Experiencing a mechanical problem while driving can be a stressful issue for anyone. In addition to the threat of being stranded on the side of the road, you may also be concerned about the towing and repair costs that might be needed. Luckily, roadside assistance plans can help you with these issues and expenses. However, drivers may not appreciate the value of these services if they are under the impression that the following two myths are true.

Myth: Roadside Assistance Only Provides Towing Services

Towing is one of the more common needs for roadside assistance, but you should be aware that it is not the only type of service that these providers offer. In fact, roadside assistance can help with many of the more basic problems that you may encounter. For example, these services can often bring their clients a few gallons of gas, a spare tire, or even provide jump-starts for dead batteries. These are just a few of the services that these providers may offer, and you will need to check with each policy provider to make sure that you know exactly what is covered before making your decision. Talk with a professional, like A.E.R. TOWING, for more information.

Myth: If You Have Roadside Assistance, You Will Not Have To Pay For Towing

While it is common for roadside assistance plans to help cover towing expenses, you should be aware of the fact that these plans often have very strict limits on how many miles of towing will be covered. Unfortunately, those needing towing services in rural settings may find that these miles will not cover the full distance of the tow. In these instances, paying the additional costs of the tow will be unavoidable, but you should be aware that some roadside assistance plans may be able to offer discounted prices for any additional miles. This is possible due to making arrangements with individual towing services, and as a result, the availability of these discounts may vary.

Investing in a roadside assistance plan can be an effective way of minimizing many of the problems that you may experience while driving. Unfortunately, you may not fully understand the types of protections offered by these plans, which can make it difficult for you to effectively weigh your options. Knowing that these services offer more than just towing and that you may still have to pay for part of the cost for a tow will help you to be better informed about whether the investment in one of these policies will be worth the cost.