Steps To Take After Hitting A Deer When Driving

Unfortunately, there is always the risk of hitting an animal on the roadway when driving. If you have just experienced this ordeal yourself by hitting a deer with your vehicle, following appropriate steps will ensure you remain safe while awaiting help. Here are some steps to take after hitting a deer to help you keep safe and get your vehicle the appropriate care it needs for repair.

Protect Your Vehicle By Moving Or Alerting Others

As soon as you hit the deer, move your vehicle off the side of the roadway if possible. If your vehicle is not in driveable condition, put on your hazard lights to alert others on the roadway there has been an occurrence where your vehicle is immobilized. In the nighttime hours it is best to open the trunk, open a door, and turn on the interior light instead. Other motorists coming up behind you may think you are simply driving slow instead of stopped, possible causing them to hit you as a result.

Make Some Phone Calls To Get Help

If you are injured in any way, call 911 for medical assistance. If you are just shaken up from the experience, take a few minutes to calm down and call a tow truck. They will come to your aid immediately so you can get your vehicle off the roadway and to a body shop or repair service for an assessment if needed.

Make sure to alert the driver of the tow truck of the exact area where the incident occurred so they are not searching for you on the roadway. Use landmarks in the area to give them an idea of your location if necessary. If you feel you are safe outside the vehicle, let the driver know where you will be located so they can get your vehicle's keys if needed. They will then pick you up from this spot after they have secured your vehicle.

If your vehicle is located in a high-traffic area or it seems to be a threat to other motorists safety-wise, call local police to inform them of your situation. They may send a patrol car to the area to help keep traffic moving around you, decreasing the chance of a further accident.

Alert Your Insurance Agent Of The Damage

Call your insurance agent to inform them of the accident if you believe your vehicle will need extensive repair. They will most likely request you do not wash your vehicle so they can prove a deer was indeed the reasoning for the damage to the vehicle.

In most cases an insurance adjuster will wait until your vehicle is transported away from the area to do an assessment of the damage it has sustained. They will give you an estimate for what the repair work should cost and will send you a check for this amount minus any deductible you need to pay first. You can then take your vehicle to be repaired using this money. To learn more, contact a towing company like Fredericktown Marathon