What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down On The Road While Out Of Town

Anytime your car is not running, it is a big bother. When it breaks down while you are driving, it creates even more trouble. However, when your vehicle suddenly stops working while on an out-of-town trip, the situation is even worse. Luckily, chances are high you have a cell phone with you. This makes getting in touch with help much easier and safer than if you had to walk down the road to the nearest house or public building. To make sure the whole situation does not get out of hand, here are a few tips on what to do.

Contact the Police

The local police can be a great help and source of information when you are out of town. If you are stranded on the road and unable to push the car to safety yourself, the police can come help you. In addition, they can usually tell you which towing company will get to you the quickest. If you are unsure of where to have the vehicle towed, the police can often give you advice on that too.

Get to Safety

If you can, get the car off of the road. If the car is off the road, stay in it. If, however, you cannot get the car to a place of safety, get everyone out of the car to a safe spot. Get as far off the road as possible. If the weather is bad, take anything you can find in the car to provide protection if you will be outside.

Contact the Emergency Towing Company

When discussing towing companies with the police, be sure to ask which ones have someone actually working all night long and not just on call if you have broken down after normal business hours. When talking to a towing company, like Superior Towing, find out if they will tow the vehicle to a service station and leave it there without you or if you need to go too. Keep in mind, you are probably going to need to contact a taxi service to provide transportation for you and your passengers. If you do not have to go, be sure to get the exact address of where the car will be taken. In addition, if it is after hours, make sure the person towing the vehicle will leave a note on the windshield with your contact information. It is also important you take down as much information about the towing company and driver as possible.

Unless you have visited the area frequently, you will pretty much be relying on the police and the tow truck driver when your car breaks down. Once your car is towed, you will have the tow truck driver and the people at the service station to provide you with the help you need. Ask about places to stay, where to eat, and things to do until your car is ready to continue your trip.