Want To Prepare Your Car For Emergency Towing? 5 Things To Keep In Your Vehicle

In an ideal situation, you would never have to worry about getting emergency towing on the road. However, you should make sure to prepare for such a situation to keep it from being dangerous. It makes sense to carry basic things like a tool kit and flat tire fixer, but when it comes to needing emergency towing, you are naturally past the point of being able to fix the vehicle on your own. Ideally, you want to carry supplies that allow you to get towing assistance and to help you last until they arrive.

Extra Phone Battery

Smartphones are an incredible device to have with you at all times. It is helpful to carry one with you everywhere you go, but you also want to have an extra battery in your vehicle. If your phone's battery is dead or your car is not working, which prevents you from charging it with your mobile phone charger, you will greatly appreciate being able to use the phone with an extra, fully charged battery.

A flashlight is another thing that you will want to have to see at night, but almost all smartphones can act as one, whether by providing illumination through the screen's brightness or with a mobile app.

Roadside Flare

Safety must be a top priority when you are in an emergency situation on the road. Whether your car just stopped working or you got into a collision, you want to have roadside flares that you can set up on the side of the road to alert people of your vehicle's presence. You can inform a tow driver that you have flares set up, making it easier for them to find your car if it is dark and away from the main road.

Bottled Water

Along with safety, you want to make sure that you stay hydrated. It can take a while for a tow truck driver to get to you if you are out in the middle of nowhere or if there are rough driving conditions.

Protein Bars

To take care of your food-related needs, you should store a few protein bars. To keep yourself from eating melted bars, you should prioritize nut-based bars that do not have a chocolate coating.

Warm Blanket

In the middle of winter, it can get extremely cold if you do not have a working heater in your car. It is easy to forget about the dire situations that you could experience on the road, so you will want to get a survival blanket that helps you retain heat and stay warm in even the coldest of temperatures.

Putting these essentials in your car is the best way to prepare for emergency towing. Keep the number of a towing company, such as Frank's Towing, handy just in case of emergencies.