Do You Need An Auto Tow For The First Time Ever? What To Know About Cost

If your car won't start in the driveway or parked somewhere and you have never had to have a vehicle towed before, there are a few things that you'll want to quickly look into. If you are concerned about what the cost is going to be to have the vehicle towed, quickly find out what your options are and if you have a free tow available.

Know What Roadside Options You Have

There are many ways that you could have a free tow. If you are in some type of roadside assistance club, you should be carrying a card at all times with your plan and information. If you don't have a roadside membership, your auto insurance or credit card may offer a free towing service. Quickly look into the options if you have time to make sure you don't pay if you don't have to.

Quickly Compare Costs

If the tow is coming out of pocket call two to three places quickly. Ask how they charge and get a cost from where the vehicle is located. They may charge per mile, or per mile after certain city limits or something similar.

You want to know in advance so you don't get stuck with a bill that you can't afford, or with one that is more than you thought it would be. Also, know where the vehicle is going in advance to make things easier.

Determine if It's Urgent

If it isn't urgent and you can wait until later in the day, or if you don't have to be right in line, they may be able to give you a lower rate. Ask about this when you call around to different tow companies. This way, later in the day when they don't have all drivers busy, they will still get your tow job and get the money.

If you are in the military or if you are a student, the towing company may offer additional types of discounts. Once you have figure out where the vehicle needs to be towed you want to get it moved, especially if it's in an area where you worry that it may get towed or vandalised. If the vehicle is broken down in a public place or parking spot, let the store owners or the authorities know that you have contacted a towing company and that the tow truck will be picking up the vehicle, so you don't get towed.