The Importance Of Using A Heavy Wrecker Towing Service For Rescues

As a fleet manager, you must be ready to act if or when one of your semis experiences trouble while out on the road. You need to be able to rescue it and its driver if one of your fleet trucks slides off in a ditch, gets overturned, or jackknifes while turning a corner.

However, you may not have a tow truck or wrecker in your fleet that is large enough to provide assistance. You instead need to contact a professional heavy wrecker towing service to help rescue your stranded semis.

Pulling Overturned Semis Upright

When you contact a heavy wrecker towing company for help, you can get the assistance needed to upright semis that have overturned. Factors like heavy winds can topple over semis in your fleet. Once they are turned over, these trucks remain stranded until a heavy wrecking towing service pulls them back upright.

It takes a heavy wrecker towing truck to pull a semi that weighs tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds upright again. Even a heavy-duty pickup truck or lightweight wrecker cannot handle the weight of a semi to get it turned back over. They lack the horsepower that a heavy wrecking towing truck has under its hood.

Pulling Up From Ditches 

The horsepower and durability of the heavy wrecker towing truck also come in handy for when one of your semis slides off into a ditch. You cannot use a pickup with a lightweight chain to winch out a semi that is winched in mud or snow. You also cannot rely on a pickup's engine to have enough power to pull up a heavy semi from a deep ditch.

Instead, you need a heavy wrecker towing driver to use their truck's heavy-duty chain and powerful truck engine to pull the stranded semi back onto the road. The wrecker has the mechanical and engine power to bring up a semi that is way down in a ditch or winched in deep mud and snow without overheating or breaking down during the rescue.

A heavy wrecker towing service is an important ally to use to take care of your fleet. It has wreckers and trucks that can rescue semis that are overturned and cannot be pulled upright by lightweight trucks. It can also winch out and pull up a semi that has slid off and got stuck in a ditch. Contact a heavy wrecker towing company for more information.