When Is Calling A Towing Company A Good Idea?

Towing services can feel like lifesavers when you're dealing with an array of problems. Some folks have a DIY streak, though, and they might not want to call for a tow or 24 hours roadside assistance right away. There are times, though, when calling a company is a better idea even for people who are handy with a jack and four-way.

Lack of Confidence

A lot of things can go wrong when trying to deal with vehicle issues. Mislocating the jack can punch a hole in the bottom of a car, for example. Similarly, you could strip the nuts attached to the car's rims, especially if they're rusty or you live in a region where winter road treatments are common. A jack could slip, potentially injuring you in the middle of an already bad situation. If you lack the necessary confidence to tackle the situation, you should ask for help.

Impounding Services

While people often think of towing work as primarily about obtaining help, there are also scenarios involving unwanted vehicles left by strangers. Businesses sometimes impound illegally parked vehicles. You might even have one on or near your property.

People in the towing industry know how to handle the process of impounding vehicles. You are welcome to give contacting the owner an honest try. If you have to deal with a vehicle to get it out of the way, though, the smart move is to call a professional. The towing company technicians have relationships with the local and state police. They know how the process works, and that will reduce the odds someone can make a legal claim against you for impounding their ride.

A Breakdown Close to a Busy Road

Even if you are a skilled mechanic, there are circumstances where fixing a car in place is just a bad idea. If a car broke down along a busy road, you can risk being hit while you're trying to fix it. This happens in the daytime just as much as at night. 24 hours roadside towing trucks have bright lights, and towing service professionals can deploy flares, cones, and signs to direct traffic away from a vehicle.

Locked Wheels

Sometimes, the wheels on a car won't move. If you've had a vehicle sitting for a while, for example, rust can cause components to seize. This often happens if someone sets the parking brake cable without returning to release and reset it. If you attempt to move a car in this condition, you could rip the rubber off the tires or even destroy the rims.

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