Instances When Choosing A Flatbed Tow Truck Is The Best Option

Whenever you're involved in an accident or your vehicle breaks down on the highway, you may need a tow truck to bring your car to the auto mechanic repair shop. Towing professionals can bring a dolly truck to lift one end of your vehicle and leave the other two wheels on the ground to roll the car. This towing technique is suitable for many situations.  

In some instances, however, you might need to opt for a flatbed tow truck. This method entails placing the entire vehicle onto a truck bed and securing it before towing it away. Here are instances when you may need this kind of tow.

The Car Has a Low Clearance or Is Heavy

Although dolly tow vehicles have varying weight limits, it's crucial to ensure they can handle the weight of your SUV or large track. If the vehicle you intend to tow exceeds the weight limit of the available dolly, the towing company will have no option but to use a flatbed truck. 

Besides, cars that ride low should always be put on a flatbed tow truck rather than a dolly. This will ensure the car is not damaged when crossing bumps during the tow. Usually, the car's exhaust pipes, bumpers, and other parts may get damaged when towing a low-clearance vehicle with a tow dolly so go for a flatbed. You will pay more for the flatbed truck, but it will protect the vehicle.

For Removal After an Accident

When a car is involved in a crash, it may get extensive damage. This might mean the car can't turn on its wheels, or the wheels could be misaligned. Choosing to hook such a car on a dolly tow truck will likely damage it further and may cause another road accident. It will be better to place the wrecked vehicle on a flatbed to tow it safely.

To Save Time

In most cases, vehicles break down when you are heading somewhere. This could be an urgent work engagement, vital social gathering, or while going in or out of town. Time will be precious when you are stuck in a towing situation and have another engagement. 

Opting to tow your vehicle with a flatbed truck will save time. The car will be secured on the truck and transported to the mechanic shop or any other designated destination faster. Dragging the car behind in a dolly truck will take more time, which will be inconvenient.

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