4 Reasons You May Need A 24/7 Emergency Towing Service

Anything can happen to your vehicle when you are out on the road. While some of these things you may be able to fix on your own, other problems may need the assistance of a professional. Fortunately, you can call a 24/7 emergency towing service to get you and your vehicle from where you are. Here are a few reasons to give a towing service a call.

1. Breakdowns

Probably one of the most common reasons to call for a towing service is that your vehicle has stopped running or is giving off indicators that it will not get you to your destination. Leaving your vehicle where it dies and catching a ride home leaves your ride at risk of vandalism, theft, and more. 

A 24/7 emergency towing service is prepared to pick up any make and model of vehicle. They may offer light, medium, and heavy-duty towing. The towing service can pick up your car by dolly or flatbed. They can even pick up your motorcycle if needed.

The service picks up your vehicle and takes it where you need it to go. The wrecker can deliver your car to the dealership, mechanic, or home. 

2. Lock-Outs

Fortunately, many newer vehicles do not allow you to lock your keys in your car, but there are still many other makes and models that do. Unfortunately, this often happens at the most inopportune times. If you have locked your keys in your vehicle and don't have access to a spare pair, a call to an emergency towing service will usually remedy the situation. 

3. Too Much To Drink

If you are out on the town and have too much to drink, it is easy to catch a friend or ride share service home. Unfortunately, leaving your car parked on the street or in a downtown parking lot is often not an option.

Businesses often utilize many after-hours parking lots or street parking spaces during the day. If you leave your vehicle there until the next day, the company will have your car towed to an undisclosed location. You can have your vehicle towed home when you call and ask for a tow.

4. Animal Accidents

Many animals move more after dark which puts you at a much higher risk of having an animal-involved accident at night. Depending on what you hit, the animal can cause significant damage to your vehicle. A towing service can come to get you and your vehicle no matter what time of day or night you need them. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Cloverdale Tow.